5 Halloween Costumes for Any Size Family

Halloween is just around the corner and I know how hard it is to decide on that perfect family costume. You know, that extra creative costume that your Mommy friends will be envious of or the theme that your one day teenagers will cringe at when they see the posted pictures. Most of all, we seek the family costume that will unite us as a team. Whether your family unit is a terrific twosome, the three amigos or a singing quartet this list of costumes is easy to modify to fit your family size perfectly. 

  1. Peter Pan and his Crew

This theme is great for a big family or a single parent with their child. You can always add in John and Michael Darling, or even Smee, if you need more characters. To make your life easier check out local costume stores to rent a Hook costume and click here for an easy DIY Wendy costume.


2. Sesame Street Gang

Your kids will love this theme. What could be better than your kids favourite people dressing up as their favourite characters? This theme can also be carried out with any number of people so it’s great for single parents of young children and let’s face it everyone knows who Elmo is.


3. Classic Adams Family

A perfect choice for your fun and edgy family. A fun loving theme that really celebrates Halloween. If you choose to make these costumes yourself, make sure you check out your local thrift stores for pieces to pull it all together. Click here for a perfect Morticia make up tutorial.


4. Cute Kitty Cats 

This theme is a great one for getting kids excited. All kids love animals. This theme will work with any type of animal, so don’t limit yourself just to cats. What’s cuter than a Mama animal with her baby? Literally, nothing so  hurry and check out your local dollar store for animal ears and tails before they sell out.


5. Dorthy and Friends

Your family’s always on an adventure, so not trick or treat down the brick sidewalk as your favourite classic Wizard of Oz characters. Mix and max any characters you want, or even add in a flying monkey or witch to complete the whole cast. Just remember, there is no place like home.


Remember, whatever costumes you choose, follow Halloween costume guidelines and take precautions to ensure everyone stays safe and has fun. A list of these helpful tips can be found here.

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